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Xenon (HID) - Night Breaker Unlimited

The best HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb for drivers that are convinced that maximum visibility and safety are of primary importance. The increased light output is compared to standard HID (Xenon) bulbs and guarantees visibly and better illumination of the road ahead. For drivers this ultimately means increased safety. XENARC® NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED are the most powerful HID headlight bulbs from OSRAM.

Available ECE Types: D1S*, D2S, D3S, D4S

   *In the recent Auto Express HID Bulb Test the D1S XENARC®
NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED bulb was awarded 'Best Buy'. 
See Auto Express Issue No.1,395 for the full test details.

*In the recent Auto Express Product Awards the D1S XENARC®
NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED bulb was awarded 'Winner'
of the Best HID Headlamp Bulb in the 2016 Awards Ceremony.  
See Auto Express Issue No.1,425 for the full award details.

Key Features:

  • Up to 70% more light* on the road ahead
  • Up to 20 metre longer beam**
  • Up to 5% whiter light for fatigue free driving
  • Colour temperature up to 4,300K (Kelvin)
  • Approved for use in HID headlamp units only
  • ECE approved and road legal

Product Family Data Sheet

Turn night into day and fit XENARC® NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED! Check out our YouTube Video.

Download our Value Added Products leaflet. Click here>>

* compared to a standard Osram HID bulb ** depending on the headlamp system

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