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Xenarc Ultra Life


To compliment the popular halogen range, OSRAM are excited to introduce: XENARC® ULTRA LIFE®.

Whilst most standard HID bulbs have a longer lifetime than halogen bulbs XENARC® ULTRA LIFE® HID bulbs offer a massive 10 year guarantee and will last up to four times longer than standard Xenon (HID) bulbs.

Available ECE Types:  D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S
Packaging Types: DUO PACK, Single Box

Key Features:

  • Up to 4 x lifetime1)
  • Up to 186,000 miles2)
  • Up to 21 years lifetime3)
  • A 10 year OSRAM Guarantee3)
  • ECE approved & road legal
  • Like for like replacement of standard HID bulbs

Download our Value Added Products leaflet. Click here>>

1) Compared to a standard OSRAM OE HID bulb. 2) With an average annual mileage of 8,857 miles with 60% lights on. 3) 10 year guarantee is only applicable if motorists register their bulbs online 30 days after purchase. Prior to registering for the 10 year guarantee motorists can also verify the authenticity of their XENARC® ULTRA LIFE® bulbs using the OSRAM Trust Programme tool. Visit for precise conditions and registration.

Note: OSRAM launched a new packaging design concept in September 2016. The new packaging design (seen above) will be phased in once old packaging stocks are depleted. Images shown for illustration purposes only.

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