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Night Breaker Laser


OSRAM latest addition to the performance range of halogen upgrade headlight bulbs: NIGHT BREAKER® LASER.

NIGHT BREAKER® LASER provide up to 130% more light on the road ahead compared to a standard OSRAM OE bulb. LASER also provides a longer light beam that reaches up to 40 metres further and a 20% whiter light compared to a standard halogen bulb. A combination of a highly engineered filament and pure xenon gas filling help these bulbs achieve the extra light output. They have a unique design with a laser etched precision window providing maximum performance and the leading brand name ‘NIGHT BREAKER® has also been etched on to the glass of the bulb giving them a very distinctive appearance.

More light and improved visibility can help identify traffic hazards more quickly. OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® LASER are the ideal bulbs for drivers who want the maximum performance from their headlight bulbs.

Available ECE Types: H4 and H7
Packaging Types: DUO PACK, Single Box, Single Blister

Key Features:

  • Up to 130% more light on the road ahead*
  • A 20% whiter light*
  • Up to 40m longer beam*
  • Laser etched performance window
  • Brand name on the bulb itself
  • Highly engineered filament
  • Pure Xenon gas filling
  • ECE approved & road legal
  • Like for like replacement of standard halogen bulbs

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*compared to a standard OSRAM OE halogen bulb
Note: OSRAM launched a new packaging design concept in September 2016. The new packaging design (seen above) will be phased in once old packaging stocks are depleted. Images shown for illustration purposes only.

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