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LEDriving HL

LEDriving® HL from OSRAM

These LED high and low beam HL bulbs are the most convenient solution to upgrade your existing headlights to LED. Providing a stylish cool white look of up to 6,000K (Kelvin) they improve visibility for everything that lies ahead of you on the road.

Which cars will it fit?
The LEDriving® HL range of products is only compatible with certain makes and models of cars. Please use the OSRAM LED Check facility online to check and ensure compatibility per car model before you make a purchase. The LEDriving® HL1) range does not yet fulfill the compatibility of all car models.

First Generation:
OSRAM Part Numbers: 65210CW (PX26d ≜ H7) / 9506CW (P22d ≜ HB4) / 64211CW (PGJ19-2 ≜ H11)
Second Generation:
OSRAM Part Numbers: 67210CW (PX26d ≜ H7) / 9726CW (P43t ≜ H4)

Check out the installation videos on YouTube:

OSRAM LEDriving HL LED H4 Bulb (9726CW) Installation in a VW T5.
OSRAM LEDriving HL LED H7 Bulb (67210CW) Installation in a VW Passat
OSRAM LEDriving HL LED H7 Bulb (67210CW) Installation in a BMW 1 Series

Key Features:
- Cool White colour temperature of 6000K (Kelvin)
- Superior brightness
- LED replacement for conventional H4, H7, HB4 and H11 ECE equivalent types1)
- Can be used for high and low beam applications

Key Benefits:
- 5 year OSRAM guarantee2)
- Better visibility thanks to daylight effect
- More light allows drivers to see further & react faster
- Signs, obstacles and hazards can be recognized sooner
- No glaring thanks to optimized light distribution
- Compact design for improved application compatibility
- Premium quality made in Italy
- Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles

Left: Standard Halogen Bulbs Low Beam Application
Right: LEDriving® HL Low Beam Application 

Left: Standard Halogen Bulbs High Beam Application.
Right: LEDriving® HL High Beam Applciation

1) These products do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads. Please note: Use on public roads leads to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. Not
for sale in Germany. 2) Refer to for precise conditions.

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